Hooghan Hozho

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Hooghan Hozho’s form is derived from the Chuska mountains; the red rock face on site; and the traditional Gallup railroad lot and block grid. The building holds the surrounding street and alley edges and as it rises from the ground, the form steps back, much like the surrounding mountains and land forms.  This also exposes the inner units to more natural light and air and creating gathering places and separating units. The intention was to graphically weave the history, geology, ecology and culture into the lives of the residents like the Navajo blanket covering the Hoogan’s front door. In Navajo, Hooghan Hozho translates to ‘harmony house’ or living life in balance. Our goal was to achieve a harmonious balance between tradition/new, landscape/city and  private/public, a place of refuge for the Navajos who must live in Gallup away from their traditional isolated lifestyle.