The Richmond Street Studios Albuquerque, NM

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The Richmond Street Studios Albuquerque, NM

Richmond Street Studios was conceived as an urban design strategy, not as a single building design problem to provide a model for future mixed-use infill developments and act as a generator to revitalize the Nob Hill neighborhood.

Sandwiched mid-block between a bank parking lot and remote drive-up teller facility and an adobe house converted for office use. The vacant site was flat with 100-foot-wide street frontage extending 142-feet deep to a working 16-foot-wide alley. The building is configured as a South-facing “L” with one leg maintaining street frontage while the other holds the northern site boundary back to the alley to create a large landscaped courtyard. A single stand-alone unit pins the Southwest corner at the alley. A covered pedestrian and auto passage provides access to the courtyard, five interior units, parking and connects to the alley. There are eight two-story open-plan studio spaces designed to flexibly accommodate any combination of office/studio/retail uses. Large second floor cantilevered steel balconies, floor-to-ceiling sliding glass walls and ten-foot ceilings make these modern studio spaces light and airy.

Though thoroughly modern in its design, Richmond Street Studios employ the traditional New Mexican urban planning typology of the interior block courtyard to foster an interactive community. Finally, by rejecting single-use zoning prevalent in this neighborhood, the Richmond Street Studios are designed and programmed to attract a diverse set of unique users who contribute to re-making this urban district.

2009 Harner Award for Contemporary Architecture
2007 Santa Fe Chapter of American Institute of Architects Merit Award for Architecture
2007 New Mexico Chapter of American Institute of Architects Special Recognition Award for Architecture